Covid vaccine forced 19-year-old student into HEART TRANSPLANT, killing her within days

(Natural News) Another young person who was perfectly healthy before getting “vaccinated” ...View More

Evidence-based medicine consultancy issues "yellow card" warning about dangers of covid vaccines

(Natural News) A “community interest company” that says it conducts research on behalf of ...View More

STUDY: Covid vaccines cause Alzheimer's, brain changes

(Natural News) New research from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has determined that the Wuh ...View More

SUPPRESSING THE CURES: YouTube suspends Sen. Ron Johnson for uploading videos about hydroxychloroquine

(Natural News) Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has been suspended by YouTube for uploading  ...View More

MASS HYPNOSIS: The disturbing psychology behind the global vaccine SUICIDE CULT

Monday, June 14, 2021 by: Mike Adams Tags: ampus insanity, badhealth, badmedicine, br ...View More

Medical professionals break silence on covid “vaccines” and the widespread harm they're causing

(Natural News) Many state governments have told citizens they can’t “go back to normal” u ...View More

FTC targets chiropractor for helping covid patients using vitamin D, zinc

(Natural News) Dr. Eric Nepute, a chiropractor and owner of Quickwork LLC, has pledged to ...View More

Must-listen interviews of the week: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and JR Nyquist

Sunday, June 13, 2021 by: Mike Adams Tags: bill gates, biological warfare, biological ...View More

Biden regime caught bribing hospital staff to supply positive reviews for covid vaccines

(Natural News) A social media “influencer” hired by the White House has been caught tryin ...View More

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