March 16, 2021  

Sen. Cornyn: Entering America Illegally Must Have Consequences

Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) said on Monday that entering the United States illegally must have con ...View More

WOW! You Cannot Even Imagine How Pathetic the “Crowds” Are for Joe Biden in Chester, PA

Joe Biden crowd.Joe Biden spoke in Chester, Pennsylvania today for 3 minutes.Chester is 30 minutes f ...View More

White House: Biden Wants to Make Child Tax Credit Expansion ‘Permanent’

The White House on Tuesday confirmed President Joe Biden wants to see the child tax credit expansion ...View More

Katie Porter's Removal from Financial Services Committee Highlights Widening Intra-Democrat Rift

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others in Democrat House leadership quietly bumped Rep. Katie Porter  ...View More

Exclusive--Ortiz: Biden's Tax Hike Actions Speak Louder than His Words About Helping Small Businesses

President Biden’s speech in Chester, Pennsylvania today about helping small businesses couldn’t hav ...View More

2 Dead, 2 Injured as Car Drives Hits Pedestrians in Germany

Employees of a funeral home carry a victim to a hearse in Leipzig, Germany, on March 16, 2021 ...View More

Uber gives 70,000 UK drivers worker benefits - but Uber Eats couriers left out

Uber has announced it will give basic employment protections to its UK private hire drivers after lo ...View More

White House Schedules Press Conference for Joe Biden on March 25

The White House announced Tuesday that President Joe Biden would hold a solo press conference on Mar ...View More

Sen. Johnson: I Have Been Attacked for Pushing Back on a False Narrative

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) said on Tuesday that he has been “mercilessly” attacked because he pushed ...View More

Russia Gives Twitter a Month to Delete Banned Content or Get Blocked

The Russian government is threatening to block Twitter in the country unless the social media platfo ...View More

Britain’s NatWest Bank Faces Money Laundering Charges

LONDON—Britain’s financial regulator has started a criminal action against NatWest over allegations  ...View More

Britain, Norway in Post-Brexit Fisheries Deal With EU

OSLO/COPENHAGEN—Norway, Britain, and the European Union have reached a trilateral deal on catch limi ...View More

Mayor Wheeler: Portland is sick and tired of nightly violence

FILE – In this Aug. 5, 2019, file photo, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler posed for a photo outside City H ...View More

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