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Tesla shrugs off chip shortage to post $1bn quarterly profit for first time

Tesla has shrugged off the global chip shortage to notch up quarterly profits of more than $1bn for  ...View More

Jeff Bezos offers to cover 'billions' in NASA costs for chance to take part in moon missions

In an open letter to NASA, Jeff Bezos has offered to waive billions of dollars in payments from the  ...View More

Boeing Starliner to attempt second uncrewed flight to space station

Boeing is to attempt the second uncrewed test flight of its new Starliner capsule to the Internation ...View More

COVID-19 linked to 'substantial' drop in intelligence, new research finds

People who have recovered from COVID-19 are more likely to score lower on intelligence tests, new re ...View More

Former cyber security chief raises alarm over sale of Welsh microchip manufacturer to Chinese-backed company

The UK's former cyber security chief has raised the alarm over the sale of a Welsh microchip manufac ...View More

Digitally 'de-aged' Paul McCartney has years knocked off appearance in new video

Sir Paul McCartney has been given the de-aging treatment in the video for his new track Find My Way. ...View More

Kaseya acquires decryption key 'from trusted third party' after ransomware attack

Kaseya, the Miami-based software company at the centre of a ransomware attack which affected thousan ...View More

'Eye of Sauron' image reveals disc forming around alien planet

Scientists have captured an image of a circumstellar disc, and within it a planet with a moon-formin ...View More

Akamai Technologies apologises after several high-profile websites hit by outages

Akamai Technologies, a content delivery company, has apologised after a software update in its servi ...View More

Newly-hatched pterosaurs may have been able to fly and could have been more agile than parents

Newly-hatched pterosaurs may have been able to fly and could have been even more agile than their pa ...View More

'Revolutionary' protein database could change how diseases like COVID, dementia and cancer are treated

A new "game-changer" scientific database could revolutionise the way diseases - including dementia,  ...View More

Pandemic behind rise in fraud and computer misuse crimes

Fraud and computer misuse offences have risen by more than a third in England and Wales, largely dri ...View More

Bitcoin rallies after Elon Musk says Tesla is 'most likely' to resume accepting it

Bitcoin's price has climbed after Elon Musk said his electric car maker Tesla would "most likely" re ...View More

UAE tackles heat by 'creating its own rain' with drones

The United Arab Emirates is using drone technology to enhance its rainfall amid temperatures of over ...View More

British man arrested over Twitter hack that saw celeb accounts including Obama and Bezos post Bitcoin scam

A British man has been arrested in Spain in connection with the July 2020 hack of Twitter that resul ...View More

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