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CDC, FDA both fudged covid numbers to push more plandemic tyranny

(Natural News) A couple of state senators are pushing for a grand jury investigation into ...View More

Former Pfizer VP says there is "clear evidence of fraud" concerning 95% covid vaccine efficacy claim

(Natural News) Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former vice president at drug giant Pfizer who now w ...View More

THE WORLD GOES HUNGRY: Fertilizer prices projected to reach near-record high in 2022

(Natural News) As if things were not already bad enough, the latest projections suggest t ...View More

Walgreens just attacked two children with a biological weapon when all they wanted was a flu shot

(Natural News) An Indiana couple was horrified to learn that their local Walgreens pharma ...View More

PLANETARY CRUCIFIXION will lead to humanity's resurrection and unstoppable, cosmic awakening

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 by: Mike Adams Tags: awakening, Bible, Biblical, Collapse,  ...View More

Rampant theft, ongoing supply chain disruptions leaving drug store shelves in New York City barren

(Natural News) We were certain that, at some point, the failure of left-wing mayors and p ...View More

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