Former Pfizer VP says experimental Covid-19 vaccines could be “used for massive-scale depopulation”

Dr. Michael Yeadon is sounding the alarm about how Big Government and Big Pharma are up to ...View More

Historic court case reveals that NO safety studies were conducted on any vaccine over thirty-two years, as was required by law

Prominent vaccine injury lawyer, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined up with Del Bigtree of the Informed Co ...View More

Researchers confirm antibodies from the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine cause blood clots

Researchers in two countries have confirmed the mechanism by which AstraZeneca’s Wuh ...View More

Targeting the DEFENSELESS: Big Pharma now testing experimental Wuhan coronavirus vaccines on kids

After developing coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines for adults, Big Pharma companies are now aimin ...View More

MAKING A KILLING: Pfizer demands global indemnity against lawsuits before it provides Wuhan coronavirus vaccines

American pharmaceutical firm Pfizer is demanding global indemnity as a pre-requisite befor ...View More

GAVI Vaccine Alliance: The source of terror behind global lockdowns and vaccine coercion

The World Health Organization (WHO) is facilitating a global health dictatorship, commanding al ...View More

REPORT: Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine killed 40 times more old people than the virus itself would have

The experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines from Pfizer that were rushed into production  ...View More

Norwegian media says some people “have to die” from coronavirus vaccines as a sacrifice to humanity

The medical establishment, at least in Norway, is finally admitting that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19 ...View More

Experts now claim they will explore the potential link of AstraZeneca jab to blood clots and other serious conditions

On Tuesday, March 16, European Medicines Agency (EMA) Executive Director Emer Cooke said t ...View More

Nuns in Kentucky convent die after getting first dose of Wuhan coronavirus jab

Two nuns in northern Kentucky died after receiving the first dose of an mRNA-based vaccine ...View More

Fertility warning: 34 cases of spontaneous miscarriage and stillbirth reported after experimental mRNA vaccines

In the rush to vaccinate every man, woman and child against a year-old coronavirus strain, sacrifi ...View More

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